January 2013
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Amaica the restaurant

Today we went to the restaurant Amaica serving traditional Kenyan cuisine. I had a quail for the first time. Not too much meat but good!

Maria has arrived!

Our friend Maria has come to visit us in Nairobi! Yey! She brought some Swedish specialities: Swedish candy and chocolate and on my husband Jan’s demand Swedish best-selling washing-up liquid. The best one according to Jan. She even tossed in a Swedish kitchen towel with elks on and a smart tool for washing-up.


In the garden in Nairobi

Heart-shaped fruits

I came across two heart-shaped fruits within one month. Luck!

Sunday walk in Karura Forest

Today, I went for a walk in Karura Forest here in Nairobi. A great place to be close to nature in this big city.

This came across my way. Maybe not the best film production…

African wildlife, eh snail life :)

We have had a small guest in the ceiling of our living room here in Nairobi

Men and writing devices, continued

Two years old + crayons = see yourself below

Karibu blog!

We live in Nairobi, Kenya since September 2012 and now it’s time for some serious language learning! Today I and some other expat Swedes had our first lesson of Kiswahili.


What do you get of an almost forty years old man, a pen and a glossy magazine? See the result below.

Dear Blog, I’m back!

Encouraged by my husband Janne, I decided to put some life into my photo blog and join #blogg100 initiative of Bisonblog.